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Literature Review Example Helps a Lot in Research Writing

Starting your writing work you need to know, that a literature review is a depiction of the literature that is relevant to a definite topic or field. It is an outline of what has been written, what are the widespread hypotheses and theories, what kind of questions are being asked, and what methodologies are useful. Now you see that it is rather a report on other findings not a primary research. A literature review example can be merely descriptive or it can give a critical review of the literature in a definite field, contrasting the opinions of particular writers, or asking some questions. Such kind of review is not simply an outline but rather an evaluation and demonstration of the relationships between various materials. Some more important points of successful literature review are given below.

1) Your literature review can either be a selective bibliography giving advice on the sources or comprehensive, telling about the famous authors with an exploration of their viewpoints. Make use of literature review example if you are not sure which to choose. The relevant materials you need to study should comprise books, articles whether print or electronic, some historical records, commercial and government reports, dissertations and other data which may be useful for you.

2) While completing the initial appraisal of the raw bibliographical data you should make notes and pay special attention to the following points: whether the author addresses a scholarly audience, does he review the relevant literature and whether he writes from an objective point of view, and are his views based on pure facts.

3) You need to think about the organization of your literature review. You may use some good literature review example and try to copy the style of it in your own work. There are a great number of different ways of structuring a literature review. The most widely used is the following.

4) First part of work is introduction where you need to define the topic and present the reasons for selecting it. Besides, you can point out some particular themes, gaps or trends. The next is body of your work where you present the sources to discuss. And finally, conclusion sums up the main contributions, evaluates the existing position, and points out the mistakes of the research.

5) You need to remember, that you may organize the main discussion in different ways. First is chronological type of discussion. For instance, the author’s views tended to change in the course of time. Second way of presenting the discussion is thematic one: you have to tell about definite themes the writer described in his works. And finally, third type of presenting a discussion is methodological. Here the focus should be on your methods of research, for instance, on contrasting qualitative and quantitative approaches.

The process of preparing a literature review can be much easier if you make use of some good literature review example. In case you can’t write literature review you own just ask help our Coursework 4U Writing Service.