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How To Write Rhetorical Essay

A rhetorical essay is such type of essay when students are required to analyze what an author tells about a person, subject, etc. It seems to be very hard for students to write it because they have to convey their critical thinking in the paper.

– The first thing you have to do is finding an intriguing title of your work. The readers pay attention on it first. They make some assumptions whether the work is worth reading or not. It is more advisable to find the title from a scope of argumentative topics. It will be interesting to write and discuss about.

– Look through the material. It helps you to truly understand it, not to summarize. When a literary work is not clear for you, you should find the other sources like critical analysis of the book or work. Therefore, you may read someone’s critical attitude or viewpoints to this or that subject and use it as the basics of crafting your own paper. Be careful while writing your essay in such way. Do not use recapitulation of the author’s work. Try to sum it up, paraphrase and write your point of view in general.

– The second point is establishing the thesis of your writing. It should not be written in narrative style, but in persuasive one. Try to grasp the readers’ attention and give some supporting background to prove your thesis subject.

– Create a catchy introduction to your essay. An open sentence should be designed thoroughly in order to provoke the readers’ interest to read further.

– Write a good conclusion where you are going to put down your analysis, results and further research as to the contents of the essay.

There are several strategies you can use to make your rhetorical essay more powerful. It is advisable to use some of them at a time, although not every subject will be suitable for discussion:

a) Description: describe your subject, person or thing you are going to talk about. Does it play an important role in your essay?

b) Narration: report about your event, experience or tell an anecdote. It will be better to write about the event you had experience at or happened to you.

c) Exemplification: give some examples. It could be facts, quotations, personal experience, strategies, researches, concepts, etc.

d) Comparison and contrast: compare or give analysis to the subjects, people, events, processes. Do they have some differences or similarities? If they do, mention them and explain your opinion.

e) Definition: present a definition of terms, unknown words you have used. Explain the meaning clearly, simply and thoroughly in order to have some suppositions to them.

f) Division and classification: divide your whole paper into different parts. Then sort similar subjects into the categories.

g) Process analysis: give substantial reasons how to do the issue you have been writing about or how it had happened

h) Cause and effect analysis: give analysis why it had happened and mention the causes of a string of events.

i) Argumentation: try to convince everyone in your analysis. Explain your viewpoints.

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